Shift Single Axle Fiberglass Rear Fenders

The design of these form fitting fenders allows for enough room to remove and replace most tire and rim assemblies without removing the fender.

At 25” wide, not only do Shift fenders fit over aggressive drive tires, but they allow for airflow to and around the tire. This helps keep your tire from overheating and wearing out prematurely.

Being extra wide has other benefits too. Such as reducing road spray, which keeps the rocks and dirt off of your rig. This means fewer dents on the back of your sleeper, less debris hitting your trailer, and increased rearward visibility during unfavorable driving conditions.

Fenders are sold individually. 


PLEASE NOTE: Wait time for a set of Single Axle Fiberglass Rear Fenders is dependent on production time which can vary.




    Fit: Universal

    Weight: 35 lbs.

    Length: Fenders come standard at 100" over the top measurement. They can be special ordered at 92" over the top. Longer fenders showcase the show-stopping, ground-hugging look, where as the shortened version is the "I-actually-work-this-truck" look.

    Width: 25"

    Sidewall Feature: A 1" lip was added to each side of the fender, adding strength and providing a finished look to both sides of the fender. The lip edge can be special ordered up to 3" deep, please contact us for special orders.

    Lining: Rear fenders can be ordered with our signature rubber lining.

    Mounting: Fenders can be ordered with two internal brackets made from 11 ga 304 grade stainless steel. Shift's hidden bracket system has been designed for the 2005+ Peterbilt low airleaf suspension. It can also be paddle mounted from the top to allow for a more versatile fit with trailers.

    Coating: Grey primer gel-coat. Fenders are produced in a closed mold and require no body-work. 

    Proudly Canadian made.


    Single Axle Fender Kit

    *This product is too heavy to ship UPS. Therefore, additional freight charges may apply. Please call for shipping cost.*

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