Rebel Landslide | All-Terrain Coating

What is Rebel Landslide All-Terrain Coating?

Rebel Landslide will create a protective barrier between your off-road vehicle in the most demanding conditions. Your vehicle will have a clean, like-new, rejuvenated look without the greasy film. It is formulated for racers and riders who wants to make clean up a breeze.

What does Rebel Landslide protect my vehicle from?

Rebel Landslide is an all-terrain non-stick coating designed to reduce mud, snow, and dirt adhesion.

How do I use Rebel Landslide All-Terrain Coating on my Vehicle?

Shake the bottle well, apply Rebel Landslide to the clean surface (wet or dry) by spraying it directly onto the vehicle or by using a Premium Microfiber Round Pad, spread the product evenly and let cure for 30-60 seconds, then buff off with a clean, dry Premium Red Microfiber Towel.

Rebel Landslide 24 hours after a ride with no agitation or cleaning:



Rebel Landslide less than 24 hours after a ride with no cleaning or agitation:

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