PDI Big Boss Exhaust Manifold | Detroit 60 Series | EGR

Available for: 2003-2006 Detroit Series 60 12.7L and 14L

Key Benefits

  • 20% increase in airflow over stock in key areas
  • 75-100 degree cooling of EGTs
  • Made in the USA

Warranty: 3 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty


The BIG BOSS Series 60 EGR Exhaust Manifold from PDI has been designed to maximize the exhaust air flow to reduce turbo lag time and reduce exhaust temperatures.

Stock and other manufacturers fall short as their design constricts the airflow increasing the turbo response time. Hard angles and rough surfaces can increase swirl rates and friction, increasing the exhaust temperatures putting more risk on the engine. Lower quality exhaust manifolds from a competitor or stock can weaken over time as the manifold expands and contracts it will develop cracks and even flake.

During the design process of the Big Boss Exhaust manifold each port has been analyzed and tested to provide a balanced flow to the turbocharger. The diameter of the runners has been designed to produce, on average, a 20% airflow increase over a stock manifold. The gradual angles of the manifold have been built to reduce swirl rate resulting in cooler exhaust temperatures by 75-100 degrees. PDI manifolds are a big part in maintaining the best exhaust pressure to boost pressure ratios which will provide the potential for increased fuel economy.

At PDI, we use only the best material for our products. We use a superior grade of High Silicon with Molybdenum Ductile Iron (HSMD) that eliminates weak points such as warping, cracking, and center divider failure from heat erosion. This material, combined with a redesign of the mounting surfaces, eliminates common failures due to a fatigued manifold.

The Series 60 Exhaust Manifold has been so well designed it has a 3yr unlimited mile warranty. Available for 2003-2007 Detroit Series 60 Engines.

CARB EO# D-773-7

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