Waxed & Wet Gallon Set

The Waxed & Wet Gallon Set contains gallon-sized bottles of what you need to give the exterior of your car a flawless, mirror-like finish. The paint correction glaze will remove light scratches and swirls while reconditioning the panel. Sealants and carnauba creme will give your finish a wet, show-ready shine that will also protect from UV rays and harsh elements. Clean up any minor missed spots with the included instant detailer.

The Waxed & Wet Gallon Set includes:

One (1) Gallon of Supreme Sealant Final Finish Sealer

One (1) Gallon of Deep Wet Carnauba Creme

One (1) Gallon of Midnight Paint Correction Glaze

One (1) Gallon of Final Touch Instant Detailer

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