Shift Composite Modular Full Fenders

Shift Products new modular full fenders is a lightweight alternative to painted fiberglass fenders. It has all the benefits of a plastic rear fender, but the good looks of smooth paintable composite one. Weighing in at 50 lbs per fender, but still able to take a serious beating, makes this the fender to have when you want to look good while getting the job done.
The modular full fenders utilize a patent pending internal joiner system, so that only one simple clean seam can be seen from the top side of the fender. These fenders can be combined to work on most axle spacings.
Shift Products uses the latest in CAD programs to design its fenders and molds. This ensures that every fender turns out exactly as we originally intended them to; straight and true.
The full fenders are sold in fender kits. Each fender kit consists of 2 Half Fenders and hardware to bolt fenders together. Bracket kits are sold separately.

Axle Spacing:

52" Spread

60" Spread

72" Spread


  • Width - 24.75 inches
  • Universal Fitting
  • Made with Engineered Composite
  • Primed and Paint Ready
  • Hidden Bracket Option or Traditional Paddle Mount Bracket available.
  • Includes Internal Rock Guard Liner
  • Proudly Made in Canada



    Composite Full Fender Bracket Kit

PLEASE NOTE: Wait time for a set of Full Fenders is dependent on production time.

*This product is too heavy to ship UPS. Therefore, additional freight charges may apply. Please call for shipping cost.*

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