Interior Detailer Gallon Set

The Interior Detailer Gallon Set contains gallon-sized bottles of the most popular and necessary interior care products from our Detailer Series product line. The all-purpose cleaner and carpet shampoo helps to clean and remove stains from softer fabric surfaces while the LVP Cleaner and Vinyl Guard can help to clean and protect harder interior surfaces like dashboards and door panels, along with leather and vinyl seats.

The Interior Detailer Gallon Set includes:

One (1) Gallon of LVP Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic Cleaner

One (1) Gallon of Citrus Safetouch All-Purpose Cleaner

One (1) Gallon of Vinyl Guard Rubber & Vinyl Protectant

One (1) Gallon of Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo

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