5" & 6" Savage Ceramic Sanding Discs Hook & Loop (Velcro) No-Hole - 10 Packs

What are Sanding Discs used for?

sanding a fuel tank

Sanding Discs are typically used to rapidly remove waste product from a surface during the preparation process. By using progressively finer grits, sanding discs can also be used to smooth surfaces to prep for polishing. We recommend generally that most start at 180 grit and finish at 400 grit for aluminum. For stainless, a very thorough sanding is likely required and should probably go up to 600 or 800 grit.

After sanding aluminum to 400 grit you'll want to purchase a brown tripoli compound bar and an orange buffing wheel. After that you'll pair a yellow buffing wheel with a green rouge compound bar.

If you're curious, we'd usually recommend an aluminum mini kit as someone's first choice if they want to dip their toes into polishing metal.

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